About Us

Who are We?


Car Geeks Inc. was founded for the purpose to meet the growing demand for a personal approach to auto leasing and purchases. With over 10 years of experience in the auto industry, we use our relationships we have built to search and negotiate the best possible deals by doing lease comparisons all the way to the delivery of your vehicle without the hassle of you spending hours at the dealership. Our passion for cars in combination with being a consumer of automobiles ourselves for many years, we understand the importance of the convenience during your experience throughout the process of the lease or purchase while making sure you are being economical by getting the most for your hard earned money.



  • A full service auto broker which coordinates everything from the search of your vehicle to a fast and easy delivery.
  • We use multiple dealerships to find the vehicle you desire.
  • We provide the data necessary for you to make an educated and economical decision.
  • For your convenience, we provide you the option of choosing to have the vehicle delivered to your home instead of driving down to our office.
  • We purchase thousands of cars every year which gives us the advantage to get the best deal possible.


  • “Easy to deal with. They guided me through some options based on my wants and budget, made it easy for me to make a decision.”Arsineh N.
  • “I have been shopping for a Lexus GS 350 for a few weeks now, CarGeeks quoted me less than the best offer I had received. I was very happy with the result.“Ronald D.
  • “CarGeeks has greatly simplified our car leasing experience. Their platform allowed us to quickly get a quote comparing to a large volume of dealers, resulted in getting us the lowest deal without us spending a minute in a dealership.“Derek B.
  • “Very honest service, they educated me on what is a realistic price on the cars I wanted which helped me make a decision quicker getting the lowest deal possible.”Artin P.
  • “I got a response the same day and was very happy with the price and how fast they responded.”Gretchen B.


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