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If you’re interested in buying a compact luxury crossove [...]



The 2016 BMW i8 attracts attention for its exterior looks, but the technical wizardry in the plug-in hybrid powertrain should turn heads just the same. It could be powered by coal and ground-up baby seals and it’d still be viewed with awe and admiration by the crowds that gather to watch the striking “bird wing” doors pivot up and away, rising well above the roof.

The running gear is very unique. When’s the last time such a stunning coupe came with a charging cord to plug it into the wall? AND a three-cylinder engine? The classic design cues are merely there to point out that it’s possible to blend energy efficiency with both style and performance. And that makes the i8 a car unlike any other.

Its mission is [...]


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CarGeeks is an Auto Brokerage Agency specializing in finding your desired vehicle at a feasible rate, whether you’re leasing or buying.  We take on the hassle of negotiations for our clients, in order for them to be stress free all while knowing they have trustworthy brokers on their side who are willing to go to bat for them.  We take the time to get to know our client’s needs and wants so we can find them the exact auto they request. We also diligently go through all the necessary paperwork and make sure to explain the process thoroughly as to not confuse our client’s with hidden fees and terms, that they would encounter if they were to deal with major auto dealerships.

Our team of trustworthy and oh so friendly auto [...]

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